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Commercial Tires

Commercial Tires in Morehead City, NC

Save money when you buy the best tires for your fleet and not the fleet next door. At Wayne's Automotive Group, Inc., we specialize in commercial tires. If you're looking for affordable truck tires that will last long, fit your budget, and provide your drivers with a comfortable ride, we can help. We have a wide selection of popular brands and styles available, and our team can help you identify the best commercial tire for your needs.

Call (252) 726-6322 to speak with a member of our team today, or stop by our tire shop in Morehead City. We look forward to starting a conversation that's good for your drivers and your business.

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We proudly help businesses in Morehead City, NC, Beaufort, NC, Newport, NC, and surrounding areas.

Find Tires Made for Your Fleet 

Whether your truck drives on highways, urban streets, or regional roads, we’ve got something for you.

Commercial tires are manufactured for specific applications. Our inventory includes commercial tires with various tread patterns and depths, as well as tires designed for specific load weights and weather conditions. Optimize vehicle performance by considering the distance your vehicles travel, the road conditions your drivers face, and the amount of weight your trucks carry. There's a brand name tire in stock that has the right features for your fleet.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Tire

There are many brands on the market from respectable manufacturers. Choosing a tire at random from a reputable name will only get you so far. To go the full distance and see savings, think about what you need. Consider the following:

Commercial Tires in Morehead City, NC

  • Speed Rating: How fast are your commercial trucks allowed to go on the roads they travel? Get a tire with a speed rating that allows your drivers to get to their destinations safely in efficient time. Remember to always keep tire inflation levels proper for the load, as this contributes to safety, especially at higher speeds.
  • Load Capacity: You need a tire able to safely carry the weight of your commercial vehicles as well as whatever load is being carried.
  • Road Conditions: Do your drivers enjoy smooth roads or endure a bumpy ride? Are there often nails and other road hazards around, or is the path usually clear? Depending on the answer, you may want to spend a little more for a tire with a more durable sidewall
  • Weather Conditions: Does your fleet travel over extremely hot pavement or does it rain often? Get a tire optimized for the weather conditions
  • Mileage: Does your fleet travel hundreds of miles a day or hundreds of miles a month? You'll want a tire built for the type of traveling your fleet does

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the best commercial tires for your specific needs. Commercial tires need to be tough to withstand all they go through, so we’ll make sure you’re choosing the most durable, safest tire available for your application.

Our tough tires will toughen up your fleet. When you’re ready for the best commercial tires available, stop by Wayne's Automotive Group, Inc. today.

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